The Harvest Master

How to contact me

  • E-mail is the preferred medium for most communications. is the best address to use, and I check it regularly. You may encrypt messages to this address if you choose.
  • Technology gone insane? Yes, you can even send e-mail to my phone.
  • Telephones seem low tech, but are still useful for many common situations. I have 3 different numbers that you might want to call in various situations, and they will each take a message if I don't answer.
    • Home: For evening and weekend calls, 206-JAG-PUFF (524-7833) works pretty well. This will no longer forward to my cell phone when I don't answer, so if you leave a message, be aware that it may be heard by Wendy. Use my cell phone or e-mail in the odd case that this is undesirable.
    • Cell: 206-601-FIRM (3476) rings me 'most anywhere I happen to be, at least if I remembered to charge the battery last night. I once again have voice mail on this number, so my excuses for not returning your call are minimal.
    • Work: 206-266-0282 Yet another voice mailbox, one that I'm likely not to check until next time I'm at my desk.

  • Telephone Facsimile Machines are antiquated and kind of dumb, but you can send them in care of my work and it'll probably get to me after being perused by most of the office staff. Number on request.
  • Face-to-face communication (aka "conversation") is available by appointment, and (when they happen) at Saturday breakfast.
  • ICBM address: 47°41'17"N 122°18'58"W. This photo may help you adjust your targeting system.