Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

-- Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

Breakfast of Geeks

At 10AM (or occasionally other times) on some Saturdays, a bunch of like- (and a few different-) minded folk used to breakfast together somewhere in the Seattle area. Often, after eating, some of us played a boardgame or two (the discussion of which takes place on a smaller list). The location is announced by anyone who feels like it, and objections should take the form of an alternate suggestion. Want more information? There is a FAQ containing items that may or may not be correct, interesting, or amusing.

This has not been happening recently, due to a variety of factors that might be summed up as "getting old". This page is left as a memorial, and perhaps we'll start it up again someday.

at 10:00 AM on Saturday, 20 May 2017 PST, breakfast was at:
Caffe Minnie's (Denny)

We are now seeking recommendations and proposals for next week's breakfast (10:00 AM on Saturday, 29 June 2024 PST). The Random Breakfast Venue Generator suggests: 13 Coins (Seattle) . Please nominate this if it sounds good, or something else if you have a better idea. And remember, nothing prevents you from registering your RSVP before a venue is chosen.

To announce a preference for a location, send mail to everyone interested, or to breakfast@dagon.net, which will re-send the message to all current invitees.

List of current breakfast@dagon.net recipients.
List of current game@dagon.net recipients.
List of places we've been in the past.

These lists are not meant to be a limit on who is invited nor on what venues are appropriate. Anyone may add themselves to the breakfast list by sending mail to majordomo@dagon.net with the body of the message containing only the line subscribe breakfast, and anyone is free to show up if they like, with or without specific invitation. A venue may be nominated by anyone, but be prepared to defend its suitability for 10-15 poorly-organized attendees.