Breakfast Mailing List FAQ

This is a list of Farsically Annotated Quibbles for gamer breakfast announcements.  It is posted whenever anyone feels like making it up.

Last updated: Fri.05.Feb.99
E-Mail corrections and additions to Eric

1) Who are these people and why are they sending me mail?
1a) It's a conspiracy by a bunch of people who know or once knew you, and somehow got your e-mail address.  They're sending you mail primarily to remind you that you'll never escape your past.

2) Who do I have to kill to get off this list?
2a) Stuart.  Although a simple request not to be included will probably be more effective.

3) Who is invited to breakfast?
3a) Everyone.  To date, we've turned nobody away who meets the requirements of FAQs 4 and 5.

4) Should I let someone know whether I'll be coming to any given breakfast? How should I RSVP?
4a) Only if you want to be notified of last minute changes, prevent unnanounced cancellations due to lack of interest, and to increase the chance that there'll be a seat available for you.  You can reply to the entire list if you like to harass the people who feel harassed by large volumes of e-mail.  Or you can spew (dis)information on the RSVP page.

4.1) When should I RSVP?
4.1a) When you know (to whatever degree of certainty you prefer) that you will or will not be attending.  Preferably not more than 1 week or less than 12 hours in advance.

4.2) Should I RSVP in the negative?
4.2a) Not if you intend on coming.  If you don't think you will join us, say so if you are a regular attendee or if you feel like it.

4.2.1) Why are you numbering questions like that?
4.2.1a) Shut up! Make your own FAQ if you don't like it.

5) Should I arrive on time?
5a) This is discouraged, although many participants do it anyway.  Regular on-time arrival removes one topic about which we will tease you.  Most of our venues are open well into the evening, but some breakfast attendees leave earlier and won't wait for latecomers. 

6) There is no FAQ 6!
6a) 42.

7) Friend Computer, what is a breadbox?
7a) What is your security clearance, citizen?

8) What if I don't like the suggested venue?
8a) Suggest another.  We almost always go with a human's suggestion over the random suggestion.  You will be ridiculed or ignored if your suggestion is not suitable for 10-15 people who do not arrive all at once.  In particular, many cafés and small coffeeshops will not seat an incomplete party and many have no capacity for groups over 4.

9) What about gaming?
9a) Sometimes a game or other activity happens after breakfast.  Depending on the game and circumstance, it may be open to all breakfast participants or limited in some way.

10) When is Al Gore coming to breakfast?
10a) Sat.11.Nov.00.  B.Y.O.B.

11) Someone keeps putting stupid comments after my name on the RSVP page, and it embarrasses me in front of my peers.  How do I stop it?
11a) Remove your name from the RSVP page, and re-enter it with a password in the "Password" field.  Remember this password, as you will need it to enter future RSVPs.
11.1) I tried that, and the comments keep showing up.  In fact, the jerk who's doing it changes it so often that it's a different comment every time I look.
11.1a) Was my SOY LOAF left out in th'RAIN?  It tastes REAL GOOD!!

12) I've noticed that Eric often brings his own mustard to breakfast.  What's up with that?  Should I bring my own condiments?  I don't want to seem like a slacker.
12a) You have just qualified as an exception to 3a).

13) Peter won't drink restaurant drip coffee, and Jeff won't drink coffee at all.  I like drip coffee at breakfast; is there something wrong with me?
13a) There's nothing wrong with you; in fact, insufficiently frequent coffee refilling practices has more than once constituted grounds for shunning a particular venue.  If they're still making you feel self-conscious, ask Jeff about his uranium futures or Peter about his love life.

14) I often see more than one venue nominated during a given week, and no one bothers to second or in any other way confirm or reject such nominations.  In the absence of other criteria, this tends to encourage the false (?) impression that the first venue nomination has priority over all others, resulting in competing venue nominations occurring earlier and earlier in the week.  Might I suggest we use Robert's Rules of Order?