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I wrote this primarily for my own use - nothing I could find in Amazon's policy prevents me from getting a kickback for referring myself to their site. I couldn't think of a reason not to (ab)use their referral system in this way.

If you do a search from this page and buy something, 5% gets sent to me. But wait, there's more! If you enter a specific amazon product ID (ISBN for books, ASIN for other items) here, the kickback is 15%. My plan is to do a search, copy the ASIN/ISBN, then hit back a few times and paste it into the form before adding it to the basket.

I have no idea what the accounting looks like for referrals, so I'm not willing (yet) to commit to kicking back any of this kickback. This could change. In the meantime, consider it going to the party fund.

to link to a specific item, enter the ASIN or ISBN here.

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